Uracil in RNA

Shiwani Arora ska at icbr.ifas.ufl.edu
Fri Oct 10 13:51:09 EST 1997

I am not sure whether this is the best newsgroup to address this
question.  But certainly, it is read by a lot of people.  The question
that I want to address is whether the organisms have any advantage
having uracil in RNA.  The question was asked by a professor in an
undergraduate microbiology class as a thought question.  The student
came and asked me.  I had never thought about it before and could not
come up with any explanations.  I am sure that there is a good reason
for having uracil in RNA.  Does anyone have any thoughts about it. 
Please reply ASAP.
Thanks in advance.
Shiwani K. Arora, Ph.D.

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