Custom cDNA library?

Dooyeon Kim dykim at
Fri Oct 10 20:01:50 EST 1997

Hello, netters.

I need some advice in finding the appropriate company for using

custom cDNA library service. We made a new plamid expression vector

and plan to make cDNA library with this vector. But our lab has little

exprerience in cDNA working. So we decide to use custom cDNA library


My question is;

1. Is there  any company who will make us the cDNA libaray with

our plasmid vector?

2. Please recommend the good company for making cDNA library(the

criteria includes the cost, quality).

3. Is it possible to change the vector system by simply cut out

the genes from commercially available cDNA librarys made of other

plasmid systems to new plasmid systems?


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