restriction of plasmids in JM109

Tom Buckley tbuckley at pop.UVic.CA
Sat Oct 11 22:43:01 EST 1997

Hei Mathieu,

Jeg har brukt JM109 ganske mye til aa amplifisere plasmid DNA and har til 
naa ingen problem med aa kutte DNA med hindIII eller ecorI. Skjekk om du har 
riktige restiksjonseter paa plasmidet !!.

Lykke til,

Dzung (dbdiep at

In article <343D1C1D.38D2 at>, mathieu.ingouff at says...
>I have recently transformed E. coli strain JM109 with a construct based
>on pBI101.2 . Plasmid DNA from positive colonies refuses to cut in the
>presence of ECOR1 or HIND III. Is this due to the hsdR17 genotype of
>JM109. If so what is a suitable alternative host as I need to confirm
>transformation before proceeding to large scale plasmid DNA isolation.
>Thankyou in anticipation. 
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