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>>I came across posters recently at a conference in which all the 
>>information was on a single sheet, and not a number of sheets pinned 
>>together. Does anyone know of a program which allows such posters to 
>>be created?

You first need to find a printer to generate the poster. Our University
has a HP inkjet that does 1 meter wide rolls of paper. I think there are
now HP printers that do 48 inch rolls. Talk to the people that are going
to do the print job. It works out better if you try to make their lives
easier. For our set-up, we usually get 4 hour turn around time on Mac
Quark files sent to them by FTP. They are willing to try almost anything,
however. I believe all the printers of this size use semi-custom "RIP"
software that converts Postscript to dots of ink. So, in theory, anything
you can print on your laserprinter you can print on the big inkjets. The
inkjets use the CMYK color system, so you want to work in (or convert to)
CMYK in Photoshop before using the images in Quark. From our experience,
Quark does an excellent job on marking up Photoshop and Illustrator files
to a final poster. It also does an excellent job of generating EPS for
slide writers. As far as cost goes, we get charged around $100 for a 3x6
foot print. In London, the printers go for around 3000 pounds, with an
additional 1-2000 for the "RIP" sortware drivers.

Tom Chappell
MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology
University College London

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