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RUTH MCMAHON wrote in message
+AD4-I came across posters recently at a conference in which all the
+AD4-information was on a single sheet, and not a number of sheets pinned
+AD4-together. Does anyone know of a program which allows such posters to
+AD4-be created?

There are colour poster printers around which will print on a wide roll
(we have
a 90 cm printer). These are the sorts of printers now being bought by
computer centres
and graphics shops - probably by next year every academic institution
will have one
somewhere. Ask around, because you might already have access to one.
   You can use MS Powerpoint to do full size posters. At printout, you
can tell it to print to
a particular size. That means you can first print an A4 size mini poster
on a regular printer
for checking, then do a full size A1 for final. This is EXPENSIVE. Our
in-house facility
costs +AH4-40 pounds a poster.

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