Consluting about Qiagen RNeasy Plant Mini Kit

Susanne Beckert sbeckert at
Mon Oct 13 08:51:51 EST 1997

KwangChul Oh wrote:

> Hi all...
> I am planing to purchase Qiagen RNeasy Plant mini kit to extract total
> in a tiny amount, approximately 50-75 mg, of woody plant tissue.
> According
> to the information and protocol provided by Qiagen, it will work very
> well.
> My concern is high amount of phenol compound in my samples. Thus I may
> change the extraction buffer. I found just one paper published in
> "Plant
> disease".  I am looking for some advice from who has experienced  with
> this
> kit.
> Thanks
> KwangChul OH
> ohk at

Dear colleague,
we have tried the Qiagen RNeasy Plant mini kit on mosses and it worked
fine. I don´t know anything about it with woody tissue but it´s probably

only a problem of thoroughly grinding it in liquid nitrogen. The kit is
not cheap but is easy to handle and the RNA is at least amenable to cDNA

Hope this helps  
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