LiCl precipitation of RNA at -20 degrees ?

gj at gj at
Mon Oct 13 13:08:14 EST 1997

Hi,  freezing LiCL is not neccessary a RT, 4C, 0C, -20C incubation for
20 mins is more than enough time for precipitation.  Cold is recommended
in case there are any RNAses present.  A long spin is also not
neccessary 20 mins is long enough even 5 mins will do. I routinely use
LiCL to ppt RNA I do 1M LiCL  -20C for 20mins than spin at 4C fopr 15
mins , wash pellet in 75 % etoh. AIor dry and resuspend in TE 7.5 but
water is find.  One last point I find that if you follow this with a
normal NaOAC ppt the ODs 260/280 are usually around 2.0. This method
works well to remove material that gives one abbetent OD 260/280
ratios.  Opps a little more than you asked sorry  Gregg
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