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>I have a CalBiochem/Oncogene Research Products mouse monoclonal anti c-myc
>(OP10, clone 9E10) that has started to misbehave.  It binds to ALL proteins
>on  a blot.  The samples are yeast transformants expressing a c-myc
>epiptope tagged protein.  Anyone any clues as to why this has started to
>happen?  I don't see this with exactly the same samples but a different
>primary antibody.
>Anyone suggest a CHEAP alternative source?  A polyclonal will do, must must
>be able to recognise EQKLISEEDL.
>Fergus Doherty,
>Dept Biochemistry,
>Nottingham University,
Order the 9E10 cell line from ATCC (or similar) and make it yourself? 
Certainly, the best anti-Myc antibody I had came from someone who had made
their own.  IIRC, you get much more antibody protein for the same money
from BAbCo (Berkeley Antibody Company) compared to Oncogene Science... 

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