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> MOLECULAR BIOLOGISTS: Dr. L. Gan,  Dr. L. Li,  & Dr. Z. Wang.
> gene cloning
> 2990 Richmond, Suite 330
> Houston, TX 77098
> U.S.A.
> Tel: (713) 522-5550
> Fax: (713) 522-7447
> Email: clonclon at
> * ZAP expression & ZAP two Hybrids System vector 
>    available, which contains prokaryotic & eukaryotic 
>    promoters,unidirectional,specifically, the full length 
>    cDNA can be cut out with restriction enzyme.

> cDNA Library Vector     Cat #   Price $
> Zap expression       GC2001     4800
> Zap II               GC2002     4800
> Lambda gt10          GC2003     4000
> Lambda gt11          GC2004     4000
> Your choice          GC200X     Negotiable
many other services using proprietary reagents and other things removed.

     My Stratgene catalog says about the Zap vectors:
The Lambda ZAP vector is covered by Stratagene's United States Patent Nos.
5,128,256 and 5,286,636. The purchase of this vector includes a limited
non-exclusive license under such patent rights to use the vector for the
cloning, expression and characterization of genes. This license does NOT
grant any rights to:

1. Use the Lambda ZAP vector for the reproduction, amplification or
modification of the vector;
2. Offer the lambda ZAP vector or any derivative thereof for resale; or
3. Distribute or transfer the Lambda ZAP vector or any derivative thereof
to third parties.

     So, did you guys obtain a license from Stratagene to distribute their
vectors? I suppose you might be covered if you purchase the vector anew for
each customer. Just wondering.... 

     Pam Norton

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