looking for slippery, permeable, artificial membrane

Hans Beernink hbeernin at elk.uvm.edu
Wed Oct 15 21:53:19 EST 1997

Tom Maynard (maynard at oregon.uoregon.edu) wrote:
: In article <61ouqa$p7h$1 at news.fas.harvard.edu>, mlevin at login5.fas.harvard.edu (Michael Levin) writes:
: >
: >Can someone suggest where I can buy some of the following: a membrane
: >(artificial) which is slippery and very smooth - so that tissues can grow
: >and expand on it, and is also permeable to nutrients and other molecules.
: >Perhaps something like this is used in organ or tissue culture, etc. 

and what about soluble collagen for TC?  two options for this one- 1) a 
gel (approx. 0.3- 2mm thick) which mimics a dermal matrix, and 2) a thin 
layer (e.g. thickness of a few molecules or so) that provides a surface 
for attachment.  Either might be suitable for your expts, although you're 
not very explicit about your needs.


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