Dextran sulphate substitute

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Wed Oct 15 15:48:17 EST 1997

And then there are many people saying it doesn't really make a difference and
you might as well leave it out. Didn't test with and without myself though.


Karl Fischer (tyr-2 at wrote:
: In article <Pine.SOL.3.93.971015114202.10245A-100000 at eukaryota>, Mounir
: Izallalen <mounir at> wrote:
: > I have this question:
: > What does the dextran sulphate really do in Hybridization, apart improving
: > the results ? I mean it's role. Also, do you know any other cheaper
: > substitute for this compound.

: I was taught that dextran sulphate in a hyb mix served to reduce the water
: volume and, as such, increase the relative concentration of probe.

: I seem to recall dextran sulphate being replaced by PEG in some hybs but
: don't have a reference handy.

: Cheers

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