TCA Precipitation

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.> Does anyone know the lower limit for molecular size peptides which may
.> be precipitated by method of TCA precipitation?
.> That is, what's the smallest peptides which may be precipitated by TCA?
About 20 KD.  But the amt. of glycosylation matters and the aa
composition.  TCA precipitation is different for each protein/peptide.  My
protein HGF does not precipitate well at low concentrations (<1ug/ml)
while BSA precipitates well at half that.  Personally, I find TCA
precipitation to be unreliable and not good for precipitating proteins at
low concentrations and/or small molecular weight.  The best procedure that
I have found for the recovery of ng  quantities of protein(of any size) is
Phenol/ether extraction.  I have successfully recovered 15 ng from 1 ml. 
TCA cannot do this.


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