Outrageous price for KCl

Pamela Norton pnorton at lac.jci.tju.edu
Wed Oct 15 12:29:18 EST 1997

     I thought the readers of this group might find this interesting. On
p.2 of the 1997 Promega catalog, along with the TNT
transcription/translation system, there is a listing for potassium chloride
and magnesium acetate. They are charging $30 for 200 _micro_liters of 2.5 M
KCl, the same price for 100 microliters of 25 mM MgAc. I understand that
convenience comes at a price, but this is ludicrous. If anyone out there is
thinking about ordering this, send me the $30 and I'll send you a full
milliliter. :-)

     They appear to have confirmed alchemy, turning base metals into gold. 


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