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>I am currently using electroporation cuvettes that are too expensive
>for my budget.  Are there any companies out there with cheaper
>cuvettes than the biorad cuvettes.

The simplest, and cheapest solution is for you to re-use the Bio-Rad
cuvettes, I have done this for years with great success. 

Following usage drop the cuvettes into a beaker of water. Cover the top
of the beaker with some Nescofilm and shake it about vigorously, replace
the water with clean water and repeat several times. Then give the
cuvettes a flick to remove most of the water and immerse them in 70%
EtOH. Leave them there for ca. 10' before allowing them to air dry.
Tehey are now ready for re-use. I have reused these cuvettes at least 20
times, the worst consequences were a drop in transformation efficiency
of ca. 10%.

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