paul gold pgold at MO.NET
Thu Oct 16 21:41:13 EST 1997

> I am currently using electroporation cuvettes that are too expensive
> for my budget. Are there any companies out there with cheaper
> cuvettes than the biorad cuvettes. It seems like they are the only
> ones out there, atleast that I can find. I sure appreciate any
> suggestions, even if it is just a name. Thanking you in advance.
> Scott N.
> Investigator

We buy our cuvettes from Invitrogen (no affiliation).  We also reuse our
cuvettes.  Wash with distilled water extensively, then 70% EtOH.  Allow
to dry o/n. Then the next day we give them a blast in a Bio-Rad gene
linker using the sterilization mode.  I've reused the cuvettes 4x and

Paul Gold

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