Looking for Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus DNA

Michael Oda MNODA at lipovx.lbl.gov
Thu Oct 16 18:07:36 EST 1997


     Our lab is trying to boost the level of in vivo expression of a transgene 
with the MoMLV enhancer element but we don't have a template for our PCR. 
So... if someone out there could direct me to a supplier or even be so kind 
as to send me an aliquot I'd really apprciate it.

     Along these same lines, is anyone out there experienced in using the
MoMLV enhancer in vivo? Does it enhance as well within mice as it does in
cell culture? Is the location (5' / 3') of the enhancer relative to the 
gene a significant factor in the level of transcription enhancement?

                              Thanks in advance,
                              Michael Oda

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