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Fri Oct 17 19:35:35 EST 1997

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appeared on your resume on the Internet or on someone else's resume as a 
reference.  If you are not interested in what this letter has to offer, 
please delete it and accept our apologies.  If you happen to be a recruiter,
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What is Resume Blaster?  Read on...

It's well known information that many people are getting their new jobs through the Internet. 
     Are you looking for a new job opportunity or do you know someone who is? 
     Are you interested in seeing what kind of jobs are available out there? 
     What's the most popular way to get a new job in today's world?
                                   ... Recruiting Agencies.  

The best way to market yourself for a new job is to get your resume in 
front of as many recruiters as possible.  That's where we come in.  We 
offer an inexpensive service to BLAST your resume to over 1,000 recruiters 
online.  This will get your resume MAXIMUM EXPOSURE.  If you are a 
qualified professional, it shouldn't be long before you have the 
recruiters knocking down your door trying to get you a job.  Recruiters 
WANT to place you in a job.  That's how they make money.

Now why wouldn't you just put your resume out on the web or in the newsgroups.
Well think about all the people that will have access to your name, address,
phone number, employment history....get the picture?  That is, in no way,
confidential.  However, WE do NOT put your resume on the Web in ANY
format whatsoever.  We e-mail your resume DIRECTLY to over 1,000 recruiters.
No need to worry about your personal information floating around the world
for junk e-mailers, and even worse, criminals, to see.

How much should a service like this cost?  Well, postage alone on 1,000 
resumes would be $320.  What about the cost on the envelopes, paper, and 
the time to print, fold, stamp, address, and lick 1,000 envelopes? That 
time is priceless.

Okay then, how about you send it to them yourself.  Do you know how 
much time it takes to locate 1,000 e-mail addresses of recruiters on the 
Internet AND verify that they are all up to date?  The time for that alone 
would probably cost you much more than this service.  In fact, don't forget 
the time it would take to address the e-mails and send your resume to EACH 
of the 1,000 recruiting agencies.  

We will even formulate a cover letter, based on information you provide 
us in a candidate profile, that we send along with your resume to each 
agency.  This gives them the information they're looking for UP FRONT to 
better match you with jobs they have available.  This way, (hopefully), 
they don't waste your time with a phone call or e-mail unless they have 
something for you.  You even get to pick whether you prefer them to
contact you via e-mail or telephone!

This service should cost more than $100, but it's less than that...and 
no, it's not $99.  It's even less than $50!  

To find out more, including the cost, visit our website.  It's short, 
simple, and to the point.  No fancy graphics or animated buzzards flying 
over dead bodies or little guys with jackhammer's saying "we're under 
construction" and there's not even any flying envelopes or haunted 

And if you're not looking for a new opportunity right now, please pass 
this message on to someone who is.  Odds are you know at least ONE 
person who could benefit from this type of service.  Do THEM a service 
and send them this e-mail!

Our site is located at:

Click here to go directly to our site: 
<A HREF="">Resume Blaster!</A>

(If you see the HTML code above, just ignore it.  Some e-mail programs 
display it, some don't.)

Come and visit us.  Even if you're not going to use the service, give us
some feedback on it!


Dave Phillips
Resume Blaster!
a service of PC PROS

* Dave Phillips is a former Computer Consultant who, for 7 years, has 
worked in the computer industry.  He has also worked in the recruiting 
industry as well.  His unique combination of experience in both 
industries has brought together this technology in a service that's 
truly helpful to job seekers at an inexpensive cost.  You can e-mail 
Dave at:  Dave at

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