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Fri Oct 17 16:07:39 EST 1997

Dear Colleages:

I strongly recommend you an international course about monoclonal
antibodies production. This course is growing every year as a good
course. It is held in Mexico City in February 1998. This course is
growing rapidly as an good international course. It will be very
available for all interested scientist..

The program is:

IV International Workshop on Monoclonal Antibody

Production Against Infectious Agents and its Handling by Genetic
Engineering Feb.9-27, 1998

Coordinacion / Coordination:

Biol. Yolanda Medina. INDRE. Mx.
M.IIB. Ma. Dolores Correa. INDRE. Mx.
Dr. Mark Tamplin. Univ. Florida.USA.
Dr. Jorge V. Gavilondo. CIBG. Cuba.

-Animal handling and immunization
-Evaluation of antibody response
-Cell culture and cell fusion
-Hybridoma cloning and screening
-Antibody purification and labelling
-Applications for research and diagnosis of infectious diseases
-Basic tools for handling immunoglobulin genes
-Chymeric and humanized antibodies, and antibody frafments
-DNA libraries of immunoglobulin genes and their screening with
filamentous phages 

Informacion / Information

Biol. Yolanda Medina y/o M.IBB. Ma. Dolores Correa

Depto. de Biotecnologia, INDRE,SSa
Prol. Carpio 470. Col. Sto. Tomas, Mexico 11340 D.F.
Tel: 341-6325 / 3414880 y 3414953 (ext. 30)
Fax: 341-3264
Email: mcorreaa at (Ma. Dolores Correa Beltran)


Javier Ambrosio

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