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Sat Oct 18 11:31:05 EST 1997

In article <3448B2E1.334E at> HKP at writes:
>they´re realy shitty...
>read appel et al. J.cell sci. 1993(?). d. appel tried realy hard to
>transfect them with every then purchaseable transfectant,
>electroporation and so on....and ended with capo4 (she realy played some
>weeks to get the finest dna/capo4-precipitate, that was possible). so:
>good luck, maybe the new "wonder"-reagents available are your
>"saviours"if not: ...

When testing cell lines that are considered to be untransfectable, I would
test the following reagents:
Pfx from Invitrogen (it's a set of 8 lipids).
Superfect from Qiagen (proprietary nonlipid compound)
FuGENE 6 from Boehringer Mannheim (another proprietary nonlipid).

If possible, use a luciferase reporter instead of counting X-gal blue
cells - it's quicker and you don't end up cross-eyed from staring through
that scope for hours counting cells.
You should be able to get away with doing the assays in 12 well or even 24
well plates.


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