Help on BAC DNA prep!

Miss YY Szeto yszeto at
Sun Oct 19 09:30:12 EST 1997

I have been using Qiagen's Midiprep Kit (with the BAC protocol they
provide)for clean BAC DNA. To avoid genomic DNA contamination, I found it
useful to keep the culture growing no more than 14 hours and to make sure
there is a good mix between P1 and P2. Hope this helps!


On 29 Sep 1997, WZhao68 wrote:

> Hello there, I am having problem with BAC DNA preparation. I've tried
> miniprep protocol from Research Genetics and Qiagen's Midiprep kit. The
> miniprep never worked and Qiagen kit worked sometimes, but most of the time
> gave me genomic DNA.
> Could someone who has experience on this help me? Please e-mail me.
> Thanks in advance!
> David
> Children's Hospital

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