genomic sequencing

Vladimir Svetlov svetlov at
Mon Oct 20 18:14:02 EST 1997

In article <62597k$trc$1 at>, lmarek at (Laura F
Marek) wrote:

> Can anyone give me information about sequencing using genomic DNA as
>  template and/or how to find any information about this topic? 
>  A search of this group's archives yielded only that a few others
>  have posted a similar question; no answers.  Thanks very much.

This group deals mainly with the things that did not work or when a massive
influx of anecdotal evidence is required. Medline would be a more
appropriate source of information like this. You may also try TIG methods
and tips database. 
You can PCR-sequence genomic DNA directly, but it is easier to amplify the
region of interest first and then sequence it (you don't even have to
purify the product provided that the yield is good).

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