Inclusion bodies? yes, but my protein isn't in them...precedent?

davesmith at davesmith at
Mon Oct 20 16:57:06 EST 1997

Just discovered that our integral membrane protein induces inclusion
bodies when overexpressed.  Surprisingly, however, our protein goes to
the membrane.  There is little if any in the inclusion bodies!

Anyone know of a precedent for such weirdness?  Haven't had any luck
with OVID.

Care to hazard a model??

Our protein is the lysis protein of bacteriophage lambda and according
to the model it creates holes in the inner membrane large enough to
indiscriminately let lysozyme into the periplasm as a fully folded
protein.  Our current thought is that such serious membrane insult
wreaks oxidative havoc on the cytoplasmic components and possibly
turns on the heat shock response resulting in inclusion bodies.

Thanks in advance!!

Dave Smith.

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