Tricine PAGE Recipe?

Namjin Chung n.chung at DUKE.EDU
Mon Oct 20 15:11:07 EST 1997

Dear Netters,

I'm seeking for recipes for SDS-Tricine buffers.  I have checked with the 
original paper by Schagger and Jagow, where they used different buffers 
for anode, cathode, and gel.  Could any one use single buffere for these? 
 What's the recipe, then?  The original reciped have used 49.5% 
acrylamide/3% bisacrylamide as gel stock solution; can I just use 30% 
acrylamide/0.8% bisacrylamide, which are being popularly used.

Namjin Chung
Dept of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
Duke University Medical Center

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