Tricine PAGE Recipe?

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Namjin Chung wrote in message
+AD4-Dear Netters,
+AD4-I'm seeking for recipes for SDS-Tricine buffers.  I have checked with
+AD4-original paper by Schagger and Jagow, where they used different buffers
+AD4-for anode, cathode, and gel.  Could any one use single buffere for

Yes, you can in fact use the Tris-Tricine buffers with your regular
acrylamide gels. All you need to do is use 100mM Tris +- 100mM Tricine as
the top (cathodic) buffer. You can also use this buffer at the anode,
but Tris-glycine or Tris-Cl will work just as well and is a lot cheaper.
Using Schagger and Jagow's Tris-Tricine running buffer at the cathode
will resolve lower molecular weight bands than the same gel run with
Laemmli Tris-glycine running buffer. The other modifications described
by S+ACY-J make less of a difference.

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