DIG Northern blot

Mike Prigge prigge at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Tue Oct 21 15:09:32 EST 1997

In article <l03102800b07272670396@[]>,
pbio-sma at MERKURIUS.LU.SE (Susanna Malmström) wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to do non-radioactive Northerns using the DIG-system. With
> DNA-probes, like I have, Boehringer recommends a "high SDS buffer" with 7%
> SDS, 50% formamide, 5xSSC and some other stuff. For preparation they say to
> do a 30xSSC stock solution, otherwise the volume is too big. It's just that
> 30xSSC is very difficult to get into solution! Only after warming to almost
> boiling, but it falls out again when it's cooling down.
> WHAT TO DO? Has anyone had the same experience?
> Susanna

I have gotten around 30X SSC by adding the powder form of SDS, sarkosyl, &
blocker instead of stock solutions.

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