IP from TnT positive controls

Rob Kirkpatrick kirkpat at cc.?umanitoba?.ca
Wed Oct 22 17:57:03 EST 1997

I have been trying to co-IP two proteins that were translated in the TnT
kit from Promega using SP6 polymerase.  I can pull down an ha-tagged
protein and I know the untagged protein that I am testing for interaction
is being made. However,  I am not seeing the co-IP of the untagged protein
suggesting that I don't have an interaction.  I don't have a positive
control, so I can't rule out the possibility that my procedure breaks up
the interaction.  Does anyone out there have a positive control for this
system that they would be willing to send out to me?  I would greatly
appreciate this - it would save me a ton of useless clonings...


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