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Peter wrote:
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> > Could anyone suggest DNA analysis software that could do this?  Thanks
> > in advance.
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> > Karen A. Peck-Miller, Ph.D.
> > National Marine Fisheries Service
> > Seattle, WA
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> Karen
> GCG does all that and much much more but the program costs big bucks.  If
> you contact allocations, you might be able to get a one year
> account on there front end computers that have GCG.  Most DNA analysis
> software packages cost alot of money and have to be continually updated.
> This is why GCG is so nice somebody else maintains the Database and buying
> time on another computer will save you money.   Since you are a government
> researcher they might give you some free time.

Now, I don't know about version 9, but older versions of GCG did not
provide that functionality. A suite of additional programs, EGCG,
included a program called Prettyplot that would take an .msf file and
generate a postscript figure w/ boxes, etc. You could check w/ your
sysadmin to see if your server has EGCG installed.

A comparable Mac program is MegAlign from DNA* (DNAStar). It will
generate the alignment (CLUSTAL) and generate publication-quality
output. Not cheap, though.


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