RNA Isolation Kits

Heinz J. Schaefers schaefers at sun.XuchcX.edu
Wed Oct 22 14:36:07 EST 1997

Karen Peck-Miller wrote:

> I am planning to make a cDNA library from fish liver, and would be
> interested in hearing any recommendations on commercially available
> kits for purifying total RNA

For total RNA isolation from cells and tissue, we use RNA STAT -60 (cat.
# CS-110 (100 ml) or CS-111 (200 ml)) from:
TEL -TEST Inc., P.O. Box 1421, 1511 Country Road 129, Friendswood, TX
Phone: (713) 482-2672  (Customer Service)  1-800-631-0600 (ordering)
Fax: (713) 482-1070
RNA isolation is very fast (under 60 minutes) and gives high yield of

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