molarity of HCl

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> After reading 3 different answers, all of them correct but nevertheless
> different, I would like to express another point of view:
But there is only one correct answer and all were not correct. 
Appearances are decieving.  Now let's go back in time to GENERAL CHEMISTRY.
First HCl is a strong acid and completely ionizes in aqueous solutions and
chemists do not use the stupid percent values(g/100ml) because a percent
should have no label and this number obviously has a label.  But now I

- HCl has a MW of 36.5 and a specific gravity of 1.19 g/ml
- the percent on the bottle refers to w/w and is usually 37% but different
lots may vary from 36.5% - 38%.
- for all the biologists out there the percentage(g/100ml) is 44 %.
- the approximate molarity is 12.1 M.  Note that I only have three sig
figs because this was calculated by the real pecent on the bottle (w/w).

NOW kill this thread.  This is getting very silly


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