mRNA isolation from bacteria

Talon evansm at
Thu Oct 23 11:28:42 EST 1997

A recent paper in Nucleic Acids Research gives an interesting method of
doing this (NAR Vol.25, No.17 p.3465-3470) Basically, you incubate cell
lysates in a buffer with polyA polymerase to add polyA tails, followed by
purification by oligo dT column. To my knowledge, there is not a
commercial kit available that will do exactly what you are looking for. 

Hope this is useful.

Mark Evans

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> Does anyone know if you can selectively isolate bacterial mRNA as opposed
> to total RNA?  Are there any commercially available kits?  We did quite a
> bit of homework here and haven't found anything other than total RNA
> isolation methods.
> David

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