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Dear Bernd:

Our largest volume centrifugal device with the appropriate membrane is the
Centriprep-500 (15 ml volumetric capacity).  I fear this still won't be
sufficient (i.e., acceptable) for concentrating that volume of lambda
lysate.  Can you PEG-precipitate before concentrating further?


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Dear Mr. Leonard,

Thanks for your answer, it=B4s a good idea but the volume of 2 ml of ea=
Centricon-500 is very little when you have 1000 ml to concentrate.
These Centricons are very new and not in our catalog.
Are there some bigger volumina available?

Bernd Tiemann

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You can easily concentrate your lambda phage stock on Millipore's
Centricon-500.  I've done this myself, and it works well.

Jack T. Leonard, Ph.D.
Technical Manager, Molecular Biology Group

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Dear all,

I have trouble with the preparation of  lambda CE6 stocks.
The protocol from Novagen dosen=3DB4t work very well, I can=3DB4t
get any titer over 10 9 pfu/ml. But for infection I need 4 x 109 pfu/ml=

Any tips and tricks to increase the titer?



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Dear all,

<P>I have trouble with the preparation of&nbsp; lambda CE6 stocks.
<BR>The protocol from Novagen dosen&acute;t work very well, I can&acute=
<BR>get any titer over 10 <SUP>9</SUP> pfu/ml. But for infection I need=

4 x 10<SUP>9</SUP> pfu/ml.
<BR>Any tips and tricks to increase the titer?



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