protocols for diagnostics needed

Heyko Skladny skladny at
Wed Oct 22 08:39:43 EST 1997

I am presently establishing a new lab for human genetic diagnosis. Does
anyone knows and uses simple but valid techniques for the diagnosis of
CF (cystic fibrosis), paternity testing, fragile-X, muscular dystrophy
type Duchenne/Becker, familial adenomatous polyposis,
hemoglobinopathies, Prader-Willi/ Angelman-syndrome, myotonic dystrophy,

Huntington disease, haemophilia.

The literature is full of different protocols for the
diagnostics mentioned above, but I would like to know some really-good
working methods and protocols.

I'd be very glad for any contact to colleagues working in the same

Any help appreciated

Heyko Skladny

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