Saturated O2 concentration in Tris buffer?

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Thu Oct 23 16:54:37 EST 1997

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Justin Powell <jacp1 at> wrote:
>I need to know the concentration of oxygen in air saturated 50mM Tris-HCl
>pH7.6 buffer at 25C in order to interpret some oxygen electrode data I
>have.  Does anyone have a value (preferably with reference) for this? I
>think the effect of salts on solubilities at low concentrations may be
>additive so I guess values for different concentrations could be scaled
>to 50mM?
>Justin Powell
>Dept. Genetics


Data taken from "Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals" 2nd ed., Bailey and
Ollis. p463 (1986)

NaCl (mM)     0     500   1000   2000
O2 (mmol/L)   1.26  1.07  0.89   0.71

This is not Tris, but hopefully will help.

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