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nucleic acid sequence-based amplification

Romano JW.  Williams KG.  Shurtliff RN.  Ginocchio C.  Kaplan M.
NASBA technology: isothermal RNA amplification in qualitative and
quantitative diagnostics.
Immunological Investigations.  26(1-2):15-28, 1997 Jan-Feb.

Nucleic acid amplification technologies allow for the development of
highly sensitive and specific diagnostic assays. The capacity to amplify
and detect analyte targets, which may be present in a clinical sample as a
single copy; is characteristic of many of these amplification
technologies. NASBA is an isothermal method of nucleic acid amplification
with such capability, and is particularly well suited for the
amplification of RNA analytes. NASBA    utilizes the coordinated
activities of three enzymes (AMV-RT, RNase H, T7 RNA polymerase), and two
oligonucleotide primers which are specific for the analyte target. The
amplification process is part of a total system which includes a versatile
nucleic acid isolation procedure, and powerful detection methodology. In
this report, the development of NASBA technology for the detection of
human Retrovirus RNA will be discussed. Specifically, a qualitative NASBA
assay for the RNA of HTLV I, and a quantitative NASBA assay for HIV-1 will
be described.

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