THP-1 / HL-60 apoptosis inducing agent

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Fri Oct 24 23:24:20 EST 1997

>> Does anyone know a good, high expression means of inducing apoptosis in
>> THP-1 or HL-60 monocytes to be detected electrophoreticly?   I have several
>> protocols for FACS and have run the TUNNEL assay (dUTP),  but am currently
>> in need of a simple agent to use for obtaining a good apoptotic DNA
>> laddering effect for a positive controll to be routinely run along-side
>> various samples. 
>> Any suggestions?

>If the question is "what agent effectively induces apoptosis in HL-60?",
>then the answer is that a 4-5 hour treatment with camptothecin is very
>effective.  40-80% will be in apoptosis in this time frame.  Cam can be
>purchased fairly cheaply from Sigma (IIRC).
>Tom Frey

Camptothecin is probably a bit expensive compared to several other very cheap
agents you can use (like H2O2, UV irradiation, daunomycin). You should be able
to find thousands of different apoptosis-inducers in HL-60 with their correct
doses with just a very small search (HL60 and U937 are the two all-time 
classics of apoptosis research).  I'd send you some refs., but I'm not at the 
lab. (mail me if you need them).

Facundo Garcia Bournissen,
Dept. Pharmacology, School of Medicine, UBA.
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