how to determine intracellular protein-protein interactions?

Vladimir Svetlov svetlov at
Sun Oct 26 17:13:42 EST 1997

In article <877828984.24401 at>, eugchiu at wrote:

> I'm interested in a high-level explanation of how you could test for
> intracellular protein-protein interactions (e.g., perhaps with a
> fluorescent tag on the receptor?), esp. as it pertains to signal
> transduction.

For a high-level explanation you'd have to look elsewhere - with few
exceptions all of us here are simple lab rats. Intracellular
protein-protein interactions are the subject of the two-hybrid system (and
its modifications, incl. non-yeast cellular environs). Check Fields and/or
Brent for refs and reviews, if that's gonna be high enough level for you.

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