Removal of dried acrylamide gel from UV-glass??

Michelle Gleeson michelle at MOLECULE.BIO.UTS.EDU.AU
Tue Oct 28 00:19:59 EST 1997

Hi Joyce,

You could try alconox detergent 1percent solution.  I find it removes
dried agarose from gel combs and plates, as well as dried acrylamide from
sequencing plates.  You will need gloves, as it seems to cause dermatitis
in many people.  Hope this helps!

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On 27 Oct 1997, Joyce Faler wrote:

> I am trying to remove dried acrylamide gel from UV-glass
> beloning to a transilluminator.  Prolonged soaking in warm
> soapy water has not rehydrated it enough to remove from
> the glass.  I don't want to use anything stronger than
> a sponge in scrubbing the area, for fear of scratching
> the UV filter surface.  The Hoeffer/Pharmacia Biotech Rep
> didn't have any other suggestions.
> Thank you!
> Joyce Faler

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