Calcium and GTP

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Mon Oct 27 21:14:20 EST 1997

In article <3450F271.41C6 at>, Philip Aisen <aisen at> wrote:
:When we add 30mM calcium chloride to 5mM GTP in Mg/EGTA/sucrose/PIPES
:buffer, pH 7.4, a heavy white ppt. develops.  No precipitate develops
:with ATP under similar circumstances.  No free phosphate is evident by
:NMR spectroscopy.  
:Does anyone have an explanation?
:Philip Aisen

Ca salt GTP is much less soluble than Ca salt ATP. Simple look at 
molecular formulas make it clear why.

Ca salts of all nucleotides are less soluble than Mg salts.

- Dima

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