his tags

Alejandro Krimer a.krimer at biosidus.com.ar
Mon Oct 27 09:44:46 EST 1997

Dear Burdett:
		What's about the conditions to bind your protein to
these resins? Do you use Urea or same chaotropic agent?
And finally, I have used Ni-NTA resin from Qiagen, It works fine

				Alejandro Krimer 

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> Sent: 	Friday 24 de October de 1997 17:14
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> Subject: 	his tags
> I have been having a lot of trouble getting my his-tagged protein to
> bind well to any metal affinity column and see about 70% of the
> material
> in the 'pass-thru' fraction.  My protein is poorly made under any
> condition and there is not a lot of material in inclusion bodies for
> example.  Are there any suggestions out on the net?

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