CMC for Lubrol detergent (C12E9) ??

Dr Dave Parcej parcej at
Mon Oct 27 08:31:54 EST 1997

Lubrol PX cmc is around 0.09mM at 25oC. It doesnt, as far as I know,
change with [Salt]. The Boehringer Mannheim catalogue is normally a good
source of info. They sell Thesit which is seems to be identical to Lubrol
Hope this helps

In article <344F016C.40E8 at>, cochran at wrote:

> Hi
> Does anybody know the CMC for the surfactant Lubrol (C12E9 (Sigma Ref.
> P9641) and the salt concentrations for which it corresponds?
> Please include a literature reference if known.
> Thanks
> Duncan
> cochran at

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