cDNA synthesis to study mRNA

Geoffrey Kidd GKidd at
Mon Oct 27 12:20:54 EST 1997

Pamela Lagali wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am interested in studying the mRNA for a particular protein by
> sythesizing the corresponding cDNA and analyzing that by Southern blotting
> and sequencing.  Has anyone else out there attempted this successfully?
> For various reasons, RT-PCR and cDNA library construction (i.e. common
> methods for mRNA analysis involving cDNA synthesis)  are procedures I do
> not want to undertake at this time.
> Any input would be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Pam
> Pamela Lagali
> Dept. of Cell Biology and Anatomy
> University of Alberta
> Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
> T6G 2H7

One method is actually a service my company offers, so I can't make the 
usual "No affiliation" disclaimer.  We construct genes from scratch.  
This allows various modifications to be built into the construct, such 
as codons optimized for a particular host, the addition/subtraction of 
regulatory regions, etc.  If you'd like further info, I'll have some 
sent to you, or you can visit our web site at

Geoffrey Kidd, Ph.D.
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