Life Technologies Platinum Taq Polymerase

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Tue Oct 28 12:25:13 EST 1997

Dear Life Technologies:

I just received the BRL (Life Technologies) Focus of Volume 19,
Number 3, which has a complex of Platinum Taq Polymerase on the
cover. On the TOC page, it says "Picture of Platinum Taq DNA
polymerase complex (see article on page 46)". Now, in that article
there is no mention of the figure on the cover. I'm wondering
where this came from. Is it just an "artist's interpretation" of
an antibody clinging to Taq, or is there a co-crystal structure
known for it. I'm intrigued about the picture and the way the
antibody fits exactly into the pocket (palm) of Taq. Is this
really known? ...and what do the red cylinders represent on the
antibody in the picture?

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