Removal of dried acrylamide gel from UV-glass??

Bruce Windoffer brucew at
Tue Oct 28 12:05:23 EST 1997

Joyce Faler wrote:
> I am trying to remove dried acrylamide gel from UV-glass
> beloning to a transilluminator.  Prolonged soaking in warm
> soapy water has not rehydrated it enough to remove from
> the glass.  I don't want to use anything stronger than
> a sponge in scrubbing the area, for fear of scratching
> the UV filter surface.  The Hoeffer/Pharmacia Biotech Rep
> didn't have any other suggestions.
> Thank you!
> Joyce Faler

We dry all of our acrylamide gels on glass and usually water alone is
sufficient to clean it off.  However, when that fails, a 4N NaOH
solution with a paper towel (or sponge)always does the trick.

Obviously your situation is different with UV filter glass, so try it
in  a corner of the filter first.

Good Luck! 

--Bruce Windoffer

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