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> Dear Bionetters;
> I have cloned a new cDNA from human brain, and I would like to publish the
> sequence. Nucleic Acids Research used to have a section devoted to publishing
> sequences, but now they require more work of biological interest to accompany
> the sequences. Biology, schmiology; I just want to publish the sequence and
> move on.
> Any suggestions on journals that might publish a plain dull old ordinary
> boring cDNA sequence?
> Thanks!
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     Some suggestions:

     BBA has a Gene Structure and Expression section, which includes "Short
sequence papers describing DNA and RNA sequences for protein coding
regulatory  or structural elements...". However, they later mention that
for this type of report "Papers presenting sequences presumably coding for
a protein must be accompanied by sufficient evidence, e.g., expression
data, that the gene indeed encodes for such a protein." I don't know what
type of data would suffice, you might want to check some recent issues. 

     Gene publishes Brief Notes, which can be the presentation of a
sequence. However, I believe they may have undergone some changes in
editorial policy lately, so you should check a recent issue. 

     Do you really have no other info about this thing, mRNA expression
data, for instance? While I can understand your unwillingness to expend a
lot more effort, having some information about spatial or temporal
distribution would almost certainly make the information less "boring". 

     Hope this helps,

          Pam Norton (who needs to get back to this grant app....)

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