DNA degradation

Tung Tran Duc Tuan plg-ttdt at risoe.dk
Tue Oct 28 09:05:36 EST 1997

In article <6204uj$a67$1 at news.utu.fi>, mirher at utu.fi says...
>Does anyone know how to inhibit DNase activity? I keep genomic DNA 
>samples at 4 C, and after 2 weeks the DNA seemes to degrade so that
>it can't be used for PCR etc...has anyone got same kind of problems,
>i would really need some ideas here! thanks a lot,

I have to suggestions:

You have to heat your genomic-DNA at 65 C for 10 min. to denature the 
DNase after the final Ethanol precipitation with sodium acetate and chill on 
ice for 2 min. before the storage.

The genomic-DNA can be precipited after several days in the fridget, you have 
to heat them up at 65 C for 5 min., then chills on ice for 2 min. before the 

Amically your 

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