Mammalian Expression Vecors

D.L. Roberts DLR2 at
Wed Oct 29 11:49:59 EST 1997

Hi All,

We are trying to look at protein protein interactions in mammalian cells 
by transient overexpression of our target protein followed by 
immunoprecipitation.  We are cloning a protein into two vectors - a 
modified pcDNA3 (which incorporates a T7 tag at the N-terminus of the 
protein) and pFLAG-CMV2 (incorporating a FLAG tag at the N-terminus) in 
order to use these N-terminal tags for immunoprecipitation.  These 
vectors however do not allow blue/ white selection in E.coli to screen 
for inserts which we are having to do by PCR.  Does anyone know of any 
mammalian expression vectors which produces a tag which can be used for 
co-immunoprecipitation studies and allows blue/ white selection in 
E.coli?   The source can be commercial or non-commercial although an 
internet search didn't reveal anything of use at any of the commercial 

Thanks in advance.


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