Sorvall drive wanted

Xavier De Bolle Xavier.DeBolle at
Wed Oct 29 07:24:15 EST 1997


The drive (no. 20466) of our Sorvall Centrifuge RC5B is broken. Since this
machine is old (1980), this kind of drive is not available anymore.

If you have a old Sorvall Centrifuge RC2B, RC5 or RC5B (older than 1982)
that is not in use in your lab, is it possible for you to send me the
drive by mail ? (of course, I'll pay the postage). The two first figures
of the serial number indicate the year of production of the centrifuge (if
it begins with "80", the centrifuge was produced in 1980).

I hope I will not be forced to centrifuge tubes at 15000 rpm by hand...!

Thanks in advance,


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