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At 13:42 10/29/97 -0800, Dianne Emslie wrote:
>I am having problems stripping Northern blots probed with DIG labelled
>oligos and hope someone may have a better method.  I have tried boiling in
>0.1% SDS which seems to remove the chemiluminescent substrate but not the
>oligo and I have tried the DIG Northern probe-stripping solution which
>contains 50% fomamide. That seemed to strip the probe off but also the
>RNA.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I would be most grateful for your


I've used this with success for both northerns and southerns.  I orginally
obtained it from the Bios Laboratories manual for their genomic southerns.

Stripping Protocol:   Strip wash the blot for re-probing or long term
storage.  Bring 250 ml of 0.1 XSSC to a boil.  Remove from heat.  Add 2.5
ml of 10% SDS (1.25mls of 20%).  Float blots in solution (do not pour strip
washing solution over blots) and shake at room temperature for 15 minutes.
Repeat.  Monitor probe removal by Geiger counter and exposure to X-ray
film.  Store air dried blot at 4'C in a sealed bag.

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