RNA electrophoresis!!

Hiranya Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Fri Oct 31 16:10:07 EST 1997

At 02:55 PM 10/31/97 -0800, Han wrote:
>Dear netters,
>I encountered a problem in RNA formaldehyde electrophoresis: I added EB 
>in my formaldehyde agarose gel(final concentration 50ug/100ml) and run 
>gel for 2 hours. Amazingly, when I visualize gel under UV lamp I found 
>very high staining background which evenly distributed and composed 
>almost 2/3 area of gel starting from the margin near the wells. This high 
>flurescent staining is so strong that overhided my RNA bands. I would be 
>very appreciate any suggestion about the possible reasons. My RNA 
>formaldehyde electrophoresis buffers are as following: (please save me 
>out of the nightmare)

EtBr and formaldehyde do not work too well. No need to add EtBr to the gel
or the buffer. Have it in the sample loading dye and you will see the

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