RNA electrophoresis!!

Peter Schuchert nospam/schuchert at ubaclu.unibas.ch
Fri Oct 31 17:46:56 EST 1997

Han wrote:
> I encountered a problem in RNA formaldehyde electrophoresis: I added EB
> in my formaldehyde agarose gel(final concentration 50ug/100ml) and run
> gel for 2 hours. Amazingly, when I visualize gel under UV lamp I found
> very high staining background which evenly distributed and composed
> almost 2/3 area of gel starting from the margin near the wells. This 

This is the ethidiumbromide which migrates towards the negative pole.
Therefore, the lower part of the gel is clear. Continue with
electrophoresis and the EB front will migrate more to the top, otherwise
let it diffuse out in fresh buffer.


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